Liver ragout

I wanted to start with something I’d never cooked with before. I’ve made chicken liver pâté in the past but this recipe was using lambs liver. I remember a friend saying she was completely put off liver pâté after preparing the livers! To be honest that was fine, the recipe does say to wash liver and remove any tubes which sounds revolting but really wasn’t off putting at all. So this recipe was liver cooked with bacon, rice, sultanas, apples in stock! Sounds completely random! Visually it wasn’t that appealing, hence no photo, but it was actually really tasty! The sauce was thick and rich, with a bit of sweetness from the fruit. I did struggle with the liver, think I had left it too chunky, it’s the texture I’m not massively fond of! However Stephen (my husband who is going to have to try everything with me!!) thought the opposite, he loved the big chunks of liver but thought the sauce was too rich!

Would I make it again?? Yes, but with smaller pieces of liver!


4 thoughts on “Liver ragout

    • Ha, just wait till you come for dinner, won’t tell you in advance what’s on menu! Yes making something everyday, not always a whole meal, there’s recipes in book for sandwich suggestions! Also a whole egg section so nervous about that!

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