Creme dubarry soup

This is a French soup, apparently named after a Madame Du Barry who was a mistress of King Louis XV! Basically it is a cream of cauliflower soup. This is one of my grans specialities so had a lot to live up to. Really easy to make, flour and butter cooked together then stock, a whole cauliflower and some seasoning added. Once blended a good glug of cream is added; this ruins the whole healthy soup idea!! I make a lot of soups as is always a good way to cram in lots of veg for kids, my daughter loves soup. She scoffed her bowl of this so think that means it was tasty as children can often be the harshest critics! It does create a beautifully smooth soup, it was a bit thin for my liking and think it would have been nice maybe with some crispy bacon croutons on top.

Would I make it again? Yes but maybe cut back on cream and add bacon bits



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