Framed eggs

Think these have officially converted me to an egg lover…


4 thick slices of white bread
Lard or dripping
4 eggs

Remove the centre of the bread, leaving a frame roughly half an inch wide. Fry in the hat fat until brown, turn them over and brown the second side. Break an egg into the centre of each frame and fry until the egg is cooked.

Simple! This is such a great idea, a fantastic weekend brunch. I used Mothers Pride bread, and I used the end bits which are always ridiculously thick, so perfect for this. I think it definitely has to be white, there is no kidding that this is a healthy dish! I didn’t have lard or dripping so just used oil. I had not been looking forward to many of the egg recipes, but this has completely converted me. I did fry the bread on both sides once the egg was in the frame. I guess it depends how u like your egg but could leave it just fried on one side for a more visual effect. We had this with bacon, was fab.

Would I make it again? Definitely


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