Salmon and rice salad

So this is one of the main dish salads from this chapter, I halved this and was enough for two adults and a child. Don’t be put off when you read the ingredients


6oz long grain rice
8oz can of salmon
0.5lb tomatoes, skinned and chopped
4tbsps chopped chives
2-3 tbsps whipped double cream
6tbsps mayonnaise
1 tsp celery seeds (optional)
Grated rind 1 lemon

Cook the rice in the usual way and allow to cool. Drain the salmon and flake. Add the salmon, tomatoes and chives to the rice and mix lightly. Fold the whipped cream into the mayonnaise and add the celery seeds (if using), lemon rind and seasoning. Fold into the rice mixture and press into a ring or jelly mould. When set turn out onto a plate.

So first off I would never put whipped cream and mayonnaise together in a salad! Is that really a traditional way to dress a rice salad?? I was pretty hesitant whilst mixing the cream and mayo! A quick and easy way to skin a tomato is to boil it for a few minutes then plunge into cold water, that way the skin peels off really easily. I don’t own a jelly mould so in order to attract this to my daughter I put it into a teddy bear shaped silicone mould!!!

Well this tasted brilliant, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. It was a slightly tentative first bite, a mixture of cream, mayo and tinned salmon is not a combination I had tried before, but I will make this again. I find it hard to describe what was so tasty, despite the cream and mayo it was really fresh tasting. I would urge anyone to give this a go and let me know. Even Abigail scraped her plate clean and said was the best dinner ever (she says that a lot!)

Would I make this again? Yes, would make it exactly like this again but also be good to try with fresh salmon


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