Swiss breakfast dish

Fancied a change from porridge this morning!


4oz raisins or sultanas
4tbsps boiling water
2oz oats
1 lemon, juice only
2 eating apples
2tbsps top-of-the-milk or cream
2tbsps clear honey
1oz chopped nuts (optional)

Wash the dried fruit, put it in a basin and add the water, oats and lemon juice. Cover and leave overnight. The next morning, dice the apples, stir in with the remaining ingredients and serve at once

I know I like to keep it simple and quick, but even though I started this last night it was very simple! I halved this so when I was only putting in 2 tablespoons of water I was concerned that would not be enough and the oats would be dry the next morning. That was not an issue at all, the oats were lovely and soft. I remember when we used to get the milk delivered each morning in the glass bottles, I don’t remember them ever having cream like stuff at the top though! So I just used double cream

This is way too sweet for me first thing in the morning. I usually make my porridge with salt so am not a sweet breakfast person! It’s no wonder its sweet with all the fruit and the honey. You could cut down the fruit and add some more nuts and seeds, also I think it was too much honey. It was really filling though so that’s a good thing. I ate pretty much the full quantity I made! It was meant to be enough for 3, I was hungry, had just been for a 3 mile walk with the dog!!

Would I make this again? Probably, would definitely need to reduce the sweetness

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