Soufflé omelette

So I’ve had a few egg based dishes so far and been actually quite enjoying them, so thought it was time for another eggy breakfast


2 eggs
1 tsp sugar or salt and pepper (depends if making sweet or savoury)
2 tbsps water
Half oz butter

Separate the yolks from the whites and put them in separate bowls. Whisk the yolks until creamy. Add the sugar/seasoning and the water and beat again. Whisk the egg whites as stiffly as possible. At this point place the pan containing the butter over a low heat and let the butter melt without browning. Turn the egg whites into the yolk mixture and fold carefully using a spoon but don’t over mix. Grease the sides of the pan by tilting it in all directions and then pour in the egg mixture. Cook over a moderate heat until the omelette is golden on the underside. Now place in a moderate oven (180) or under the grill until the omelette is browned on top. Remove at once when it’s ready, as over cooking tends to make it tough. Run a spatula gently round the edge and underneath the omelette to loosen it. Add any required filling then fold over and serve.

So the suggested fillings are jam, rum, apricot or any of the other suggestions I mentioned when I made the plain omelette. I kept it plain for my first attempt but think it would be interesting to try as a sweet dish. This is enough for one omelette. I have to assume that you don’t substitute a teaspoon of sugar for a teaspoon of salt, that seems like an awful lot of salt for one person, I just added a good grind of salt and pepper.

At the first stage of cooking on the hob this rises beautifully and looks lovely and soft. It’s when I started to move it to check how it was cooking underneath that it started to fall slightly. I put it under the grill to brown the top, again I think that caused it to deflate slightly, not sure if putting it in the oven would’ve been better. So by the time I had removed it from the frying pan it wasnt as well risen as I had imagined. It was still really light and fluffy when eating it, think this was more enjoyable than the plain omelette. My only concern is that my usual breakfast is a big bowl of porridge so reckon I’ll be hungry by about 10am!

Would I make this again? Yes, would be interesting to try it with sugar and with one of the suggested sweet fillings


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