Danish ham snack

Have a day off work so a bit more time to make something for lunch, this is a bit of a strange one! It comes from the family catering chapter and recipe below is enough for 6


6 Ham steaks, quarter-inch thick
4 bananas thinly sliced
2oz grated cheese

Grill the ham for about 3 minutes on each side. Cover one side with banana and top with cheese, replace under the grill and cook until the cheese is bubbly and brown.

So I know some fruit and meat combinations go together; I added apples to my curried mince recipe, and then there’s duck and orange. This is a new one for me, bananas and ham! I do remember years ago being in a 24 hour cafe after a night out and my friend had a turkey and banana toastie, that memory has stuck in my mind as I thought it was completely outrageous! Not sure what makes this Danish, I did find some references to Danish open ham sandwiches, but none involving banana.

I was making this for me and Stephen, he refused to let me put banana on his ham steak, he didn’t want the good meat ruined by the bananas! I did have the banana on top, it was weird but I ate it all so wasn’t that bad. It’s just such a bizarre combination. The ham is so salty, then you have the soft banana that’s been under the grill so edges of it had been slightly cooked, then there’s the cheese on top! It’s bizarre enough having ham and bananas, but then there is the combination of cheese and bananas!

Would I make this again? For the first time I have to say no, really don’t see the point of the banana


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