Fish cocktail

This is our starter, I picked this as it’s easy, quick and doesn’t really involve much cooking!


4-6oz prawns, shrimps, lobster or crab
Half a lettuce shredded
2 tbsps mayonnaise
2 tbsps single cream
Squeeze of lemon juice or a dash of worcestshire sauce

Use either fresh or frozen prawns or shrimps; crabmeat may be either fresh or canned – if fresh, use only the white meat; lobster may be either fresh or canned. Line small glasses with lettuce. Mix the remaining ingredients to make a dressing. Combine the fish and dressing, pile into the glasses and garnish with sliced cucumber, capers or lemon.

I used prawns for this. Excuse my plates but I didn’t have enough suitable glasses or bowls!

This was a really delicious sauce, wasn’t too heavy and didn’t overpower the delicate prawns. I guess this is just really a classic prawn cocktail, I do wish I’d made more effort with my presentation!

Would I make this again? Yes


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