Liver mexican

There’s quite a few offal recipes, think these cuts of meat were quite popular back then, and they can sometimes be quite cheap. I know that some cuts are becoming a but more popular, but the liver for this cost just £2 from the butcher


Three quarter lb of liver
2 tbsps seasoned flour
2 oz fat or oil
2 onions sliced
0.5 lb tomatoes skinned and sliced
1 red pepper de-seeded and sliced
1 oz plain flour
Half pint stock
4 oz rice

Wash and trim the liver, slice it and toss in seasoned flour, fry lightly in the hot fat for 5 minutes then put into a casserole. Fry the onions, tomatoes and pepper (reserving a few slices if pepper) for 5 minutes and add to the liver. Stir the flour into the fat left in the pan and gradually add the stock, bring to the boil stirring all the time, season well then pour over the liver and cook at 118 for 45 minutes. Meanwhile cook the rice and poach the remaining slices of pepper. Serve the liver on the rice and garnish with the pepper.

Thinking back to the last liver recipe I remember being a bit put off by the chunks of liver, so for this recipe I cut the liver into fairly thin strips. Also there was nothing to trim, I did wash them but they actually looked really fresh and clean and were not too unpleasant to handle at all. Was pretty straightforward to make, the only comment I’d make is when I added the flour there was hardly any oil left and by the time I added the stock I had a pretty lumpy sauce which I ended up having to strain. I’m always a bit paranoid about under cooking liver, but was happy with the cooking time for this one!

I decided to make the full quantity and serve this to my daughter. She wasn’t put off by the name and she did try it, but after two bites of liver she decided she didn’t like it. I give her credit for trying, there’s not many 5 year olds that would even try it. Liver is quite a strong flavour, it’s taken me a good few years to like! I did quite enjoy the liver, glad I’d cut into smaller pieces. The sauce was really nice too, the red pepper added a bit of sweetness and the tomatoes and onions were lovely and soft. I did forget to keep back a bit of pepper as a garnish though. This made enough for three of us and there will be leftovers.

Would I make this again? I think I would, it might be nice with some herbs or spices


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