Dutch Open Sandwich (Uitsmijter)

This is considered a substantial snack or a light lunch. Had a day off work so we had this for lunch, was pretty filling!


4 slices of bread
8 slices of ham or cooked beef
8 eggs

Spread the bread with butter and cover with the slices of meat. Melt some fat in a large frying pan and fry the eggs. Put 2 eggs on top of each slice of bread and garnish with gherkins

As the name suggests this comes from the recipes around the world and comes from holland. I was actually tempted to use the fluffy fried egg recipe from earlier to make the fried eggs, but thought I should make regular fried eggs. Was super quick to make, and ridiculously easy. Is a different idea for lunch or brunch when off work, couldn’t exactly take this for lunch in the office!

I googled this recipe and it a typical dish found on the menu in cafés in Amsterdam, most references have the eggs sunny side up. I think I’m overcooking my eggs, only because I’m just getting used to cooking eggs! I wonder how different it would’ve been with a runny yolk, it certainly would’ve looked more appealing! Apparently this was often served late at night in cafés just before kicking out time, would be a good snack for just home from the pub! The word uitsmijter itself actually means “forcefully throw out”

I left this as an open sandwich and ate with a knife and fork, Stephen folded in half and had it like a sandwich! I actually loved this, it was just plain bread, cooked ham and pickled gherkins I used. Some other versions of this include cheese such as Gouda which would be good to try.

Would I make this again? Yes, great lunch but also would be good after a night out!


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