Hungarian Apple Pie

This recipe comes from the family catering chapter and it gives you quantities to make for 6 or for 20! I searched for this recipe and the ones I found were similar with the layers of jam, almonds and apples.


1oz cornflour
5oz plain flour
Pinch of salt
3oz butter or margarine
1 egg
1lb apples
1-2oz ground almonds
2oz caster sugar
1-2 tbsps jam

Sift the flours and salt together, rub in the butter and mix to a dough with the egg. Put the pastry aside and cool for at least half an hour. Line a 7 inch tin with half of it and partly bake at 225 for 10 minutes then allow to cool. Peel and core the apples and cook to a pulp in a little water. Mix the ground almonds and sugar. Spread the base of the pastry with jam, sprinkle half of the sugar and almond mix on top, then put on the apples. Sprinkle the rest of the almond mixture over, cover with the remaining pastry and bake at 225 for another 30 minutes.

So I made the full quantity of pastry, again only because I couldn’t half an egg! I planned to use what I needed then freeze the rest. I thirded the mixture for the filing as I only wanted to make two individual pies. I don’t have a big pie dish so was using my individual ones again. I used regular eating apples as the recipe doesn’t specify if it should be cooking apples or not. Then for the jam layer I used a rhubarb and vanilla jam that I had made earlier this year; thought that would go nicely with the apples.

I made the pastry much earlier in the day and left it in the fridge for a while. Then I cooked the bases and apples earlier this evening and left them both to cool, think that helps to avoid soggy bottoms. The recipe doesn’t say much about cooking the bases, but I lined the tins with baking paper and baking beans to stop it rising, but think you could just prick the base with a fork instead.

I think I made my pastry tops too small as they were shrinking whilst baking. I served this with warmed salted caramel sauce; we had brought the sauce home from our holiday in France and is amazing!

The pies were brilliant. The pastry was nice and crisp. The filling was great, the layers of jam, almonds and apples were really really good, all the flavours are a great combination. It is very sweet so the pastry works well as it has no sugar in it. Next time I would try with cooking apples to reduce some of the sweetness.

Would I make it again? Yes, got a stash of pastry in the freezer ready!

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