Versatile Blogger Award

Just want to say a massive thanks to The Dessert Course for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award. Means a lot that people are reading and enjoying my wee blog!

There are a few things I have to do in response: give 7 random facts about myself, nominate other bloggers who I feel also deserve the award and inform them I have done so. Here’s some random facts about me!

1. I hate being late for anything!

2. I have a slight salt obsession; I have a variety of flavours and types in my cupboard.

3. To follow on from above I have porridge made with milk and salt for breakfast almost every day.

4. I love walking my dog in the morning, the earlier the better

5. I am a very very very messy cook, lucky to have my husband to clean up after me!

6. I love blue cheese, the stronger the better

7. I wish I had a bigger kitchen, with an island and an aga

So the idea is that I now nominate blogs, so Ive picked the following ones that I enjoy

Fromage Homage

Muddy Kitchen Floor

Spontaneous Tomato

Shivaay Delights

Vohn’s Vittles

The Weegie Kitchen

Keep Calm and Fanny On

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Heartfelt congratulations to you! And so sweet of you to nominate me. I too wish I had a bigger kitchen with an aga and an island. Maybe we can both help visualise this dream together and it may come true for us individually. Have a beautiful day x

  2. Oh wow Jacqui – thank you so much for nominating me. It is turning into such an amazing week for my little blog – more views yesterday than I usually have in a month and an award today! Congratulations on your own award – very much deserved. Thanks again, Vohn x

  3. Thank you! Extremely chuffed to bits that not only does someone pop along to read my wee blog but they enjoy it too!

    Congratulations on your award, its very well deserved. I love your blog & your banter on Twitter chica! Its also fab to read some of the blogs you nominated, a lovely wee selection I must say xx

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