Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 2

So this is the second day of the slimming menu. I should’ve said it also says to avoid sugar in teas, coffee etc. I’m not sticking to that as I love sugar in my tea and coffee I have been good and only had fruit for snacks, although not felt the need for many snacks surprisingly!


Boiled egg
1 slice crispbread and butter


Looks crap doesn’t it?? I forgot to buy oranges so was actually just a satsuma. Also I can’t remember the last time I ate a boiled egg just on its own. I have been putting them in a few dishes but not had it just as it is. I had to sprinkle it with some of my flavoured sea salt to help me eat it! That make it ok actually! Not really much else to say except I wasn’t starving all morning.


Cold tongue
Cheese and 2 cream crackers

I was in the butcher at the weekend and was too scared to ask for tongue, so I went to the supermarket and bought the packet stuff that’s ready for sandwiches and doesn’t look like a tongue! It tasted ok but there was just something about it that I really didn’t enjoy and only managed a few bites. I just had it on its own so think it would be ok in a roll with cheese, salad and mayo! I had the coleslaw leftover from Friday so that was great, even better! Then just had cheddar with my crackers. Had my lunch in work and forgot to take a photo, not really that interesting anyway!


Grilled gammon and poached egg
Fresh fruit


More egg! At least this time it’s with the gammon so didn’t actually eat any egg on its own. Couldn’t decide whether to cook the spinach or have raw, chose the easiest option and left raw. This was actually very enjoyable! It looks like loads of spinach but the heat from the steak starts to wilt it slightly which is nice. A dressing would’ve been nice or I should’ve left the yolk in the egg slightly runny to add a bit of a sauce. To quote my husband ‘this didn’t seem like a diet dinner’. Just had some fruit for snack again.

So again this is a high protein low carb diet, and does have a good variety of food so not too plain and kept me filled up all day.


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