Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 3

Have been feeling a bit under the weather so not much of an appetite, so today’s breakfast was something I was not looking forward to…


Hot grapefruit
Grilled kidney and bacon
1 slice toast and butter


It is the kidney I really wasn’t looking forward to, it just looks like a kidney! I think I completely overcooked it! I really struggled to eat it and only managed a few bites, gave the rest to my husband. Not sure if it’s because I’ve lost my appetite slightly or I just don’t like it! I managed the bacon and toast. Then there was something quite comforting about the hot grapefruit. So much so that I ended up having the whole thing!


Cottage cheese
1 slice crispbread

Cottage cheese is another of these things I remember my mum having loads when I was younger as part of her many diets! It doesn’t advise on quantities, I again wasn’t hungry so only had a few spoonfuls of the cottage cheese. Pretty sure you could eat an entire cucumber and not have to worry about calories!


Clear soup
Grilled fish
Runner beans
Strawberry yoghurt

I made the following clear soup recipe from the book

Clear tomato soup

20oz can tomato juice
2oz can tomato purée
3 cloves
1 slice of onion
Third of a pint of chicken stock
Bay leaf
Mixed herbs

Place all the ingredients in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain and serve.


Simple! I thought this was quite delicious, but my fellow diners didn’t agree! It is very very thin as you would expect but I thought it had a lovely strong tomato flavour. I do prefer proper thick soup and to be honest I think a thicker soup is just as healthy, yes there is more calories if you use potato as a thickener.

We just had salmon and green beans although we steamed the salmon rather than grill and steamed the beans as well. Was tempted to make a quick tartare sauce but was nice enough on its own. Not much to say about the yoghurt! It was nice enough.


Overall another ok day. I’ve not had a great appetite anyway so not sure if that’s why I’ve not been hungry between meals and not had a single snack today. Am glad the offal related elements of the diet are over, not my favourite!

4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 3

  1. Hope you feel better soon Jacqui! This diet you have been writing about reminds me a lot of things my mum used to try to make me eat – I think she must have had the same book! I still hate cottage cheese, cucumbers and grapefruits! Vohn x

    • Thats funny!! Yeah there was a lot of cottage cheese and crispbread in my parents house when we were young. Think they were popular diet foods. Am day dreaming about all the cakes and biscuits I’m going to make and eat this weekend!

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