Old Fashioned Suggested Diet -Day 4

Ok am actually get a bit fed up of this diet malarkey, but I hate to give in so going to carry on for the last 3 days. Have to admit to some serious cheating though!


Cold ham and tomato
1 slice bread and butter


Not much to say about this, no quantities are advised so just had one tomato and few slices of ham. Also had toast rather than bread!


Frankfurters and mustard sauce
Cheese, 2 biscuits

Well I had none of this for various reason; didn’t have time to make a mustard sauce, didn’t buy watercress as I still have a big bag of spinach leaves, didn’t buy sauerkraut as it comes in a massive jar and didn’t want to waste any and also I still have loads of blinking cottage cheese left and I hate waste so had that instead!


Egg mayonnaise
2 starch reduced rolls


First off I have never made egg mayo! The recipe in the book suggests plenty mayo and cayenne pepper and then it’s best served on salad leaves. I went way overboard with the mayo and the cayenne. Also as I mentioned I have big bag of spinach to use up served it on that instead. As for the starch reduced rolls, no idea what they are or where I’d find them so I just had toast!

Overall I’ve kind of given up sticking to this exactly as it is. I hate not finishing things so am going to see through the rest of the week. There were no real recipes today so think that’s why I’ve lost the motivation! Tomorrow I have few new recipes to try as part of the diet so will try be back on form tomorrow!!

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