Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 6

Day 6 starts with an egg free breakfast much to my delight!


Cereal and milk
Slice of bread and butter

Really not very much to say about this apart from this is more like normal breakfast for me. No advise on quantity but an average bowl of cereal should be 30g. I weighed out 30g of cereal and it’s tiny! Think my portion was more like 50g.


Soused herrings
Tomato salad
Bread and butter

I didn’t have any of these for lunch. I was going to make soused herrings as there is a recipe for that but I just didn’t have time. I really want to try them so I will make another day. I did buy rollmop herrings which are similar I think? Rather than have for lunch I had then as a starter for dinner. They were brill, so I’m now really looking forward to making the soused herrings.


Grilled steak
Green salad
Baked apple

We just had rump steak as that’s what I had in the freezer and I served them with spinach as I still have nearly half a bag left!


This was good, simple and tasty. I did drizzle a bit of vinegar over the spinach which was a nice touch.

So pudding is a baked apple which is a recipe from the hot pudding chapter

Baked apples

2 cooking apples
Demerara sugar

Wipe the apples and make a shallow cut through the skin around the middle of each. Core the apples and stand in an ovenproof dish. Pour a few tablespoons of water round them, fill each with sugar and top with a small knob of butter. Bake at 200 for 45-60 minutes.

I remember having baked apples as a pudding when I was a child, I also remember not liking them. I remember thinking how can this be a pudding, it’s fruit! My mum did put sultanas in them which would’ve been nice.


It looks a bit strange bit this really was lovely. The apple was very soft and sharp and then the buttery sugary sauce with it was great. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this and would definitely make again, probably with the addition of sultanas

Overall it’s been a better day for food. Most of the meals don’t really seem like diets. I know I deviated again but it is difficult to stick to something so exact like this, especially working full time!


2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 6

  1. We had to do soused herrings in O Level cookery. I think it put me off fish for life! My mum also put sultanas in baked apples – an improvement. I seem to remember having ice cream with them.

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