Old Fashioned Suggested Diet – Day 7

It’s with great pleasure that I can say this is the final day, and again I’ve not exactly been sticking to it


Bacon omelette
1 slice crispbread and butter

I really didn’t fancy anymore egg but thought for the last day I should at least have one of the suggested meals. I know I keep going on about how I don’t like eggs and how I’ve not been enjoying the sheer volume of eggs I’ve had this week, but I would like to challenge anybody to try eat something they don’t like pretty much every day for a week! After this week I am not having an egg in any of its basic formats for a very long time.


Roast beef and horseradish sauce
Braised celery
Raspberry and redcurrant purée

The diet is set out into days and this last day is actually under the Sunday heading, so I guess this would be a good Sunday lunch if you were cooking for few. It was just me and my daughter so I wasn’t roasting any beef just for us!


Cold roast beef and salad
Cheese and 2 crackers
Glass of milk

So I did kind of stick to this, I had bought ready cooked roast beef but I served it with spinach, which is now finally finished, and horseradish sauce. Just had cheddar on my crackers and then I don’t think I have had a full glass of milk to drink since I was about 12! It was strangely refreshing!

I didn’t take a picture of anything today, mainly because it just looked rubbish, I know that’s not stopped me all week but I really felt so un motivated by today that I simply wasn’t interested in posting more terrible photos!

So overall this has not been the most enjoyable week food wise for me. I actually think I’ve overdosed on eggs. There have been a few highlights; the marrow and baked apple were good and then the soufflé was excellent. As a diet I suppose it’s not too bad, when you break it done it is quite a good variety of dishes. It’s just difficult to stick to such an exact menu.

So have I lost weight? Yes I have actually. I had cut out wine (and all other alcohol), chocolate, crisps and cake for the entire month and then have been sort of doing this diet. Over the last week I have lost a couple of pounds and over the last month I have lost 6 pounds.

So roll on December and all the baking treats that brings!

Would I do this diet again? Not likely!

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