Carbonnade of Beef

After my week of dieting I had originally planned to have a takeaway as a treat, but after visiting Edenmill farm I changed my mind. I picked up some stewing steak and got the slow cooker out


2lb stewing steak cut into chunks
2oz fat or oil
3oz bacon chopped
1.5oz flour
Half pint beer
Half pint stock
2-3 tbsps vinegar
1lb onions
1 garlic clove crushed
A bouquet garni

Season the meat and fry in the fat until brown – about 5 minutes. Add the bacon and continue cooking for another few minutes. Remove the meat, stir in the flour and brown lightly. Gradually add the beer, stock and vinegar, stirring continuously until the mixture thickens. Full a casserole with the meat, onions and garlic. Pour the sauce over and add the bouquet garni. Cover and cook at 150 for 3.5 – 4 hours. Add a little more beer if necessary

So I decided to use my slow cooker. I was going to be out for most of the day so I made this earlier and left it in the slow cooker all day. When I came home the smells were amazing!

I know I cooked this way longer than the recipe suggests but I think the longer you cook this kind of dish the better.

This was amazing. My only criticism is that I halved the recipe and there is no leftovers. The meat was so soft and the sauce was thick and flavoursome. This is my favourite kind of cooking; slow, simple and packed with flavour.

We had this with some sweet potato wedges and a well deserved glass of red wine!

Would I make this again? Yes, definitely


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