Blog Awards

So over the last few weeks I have been nominated for another 3 blog awards. I know there are some guidelines for what I am to do but I am going to break the mould slightly and post them altogether!!

The first award was from Dimple at Shivaay Delights

She very kindly nominated me for the Leibster award. I do love Dimple’s blog; her recipes look and sound amazing. In fact I have bookmarked her recipe for spicy lentil & halloumi stuffed parathas. If I can find chapati flour this weekend I plan to make these as they look amazing!


The next blog award was the Dragon Loyalty Award from AJ the creator of The Dessert Course.


As the name suggests this an award based on loyalty and is awarded to those who are regular followers and commentors. There are some beautiful recipes on AJ’s blog. I loved the look and idea of the salted caramel macaroons. I love salted caramel so these would be right up my street. I’ve only ever tried macaroons once and don’t remember them being a great success, but I need to give these ago – or just ask AJ to make me a batch and deliver to Glasgow????

The next award was also from AJ of The Dessert Course, and is the WordPress Family Award.


As this award suggests this is passed between people of the WordPress blogging community and can’t thank AJ enough. I started this blog in September this year with no idea how it would evolve. So far its being a great experience and love being able to share recipes with other bloggers. If I could improve my blog it would be with my photography skills!!

So the idea of these awards is to pass them on and spread the love! In my last award posts I mentioned a few blogs and passed on awards to them (Leibster award and Versatile Blogger award) So I basically just want to re-iterate how much I enjoy all these blogs and if I did have more time I would re-post them all and pass all these awards on so apologies for not sticking to rules but I really wanted to properly thank Dimple and AJ for thinking of me.

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