Stuffed Veal Escalopes

To some people this might be quite a controversial recipe. I think veal has had a really bad a reputation, and I say had because in the last year there have been changes to the way it’s produced and is now featuring in butchers and shops more often.

Historically veal was in the same category as foie gras; the way it was produced by some was considered unethical. However in this country, British rose veal has had an ethical stamp of approval.

I wasn’t sure when I read the recipes so I did a bit of research and came across this report. The first time I had veal was last year in Paris and it was delicious, but at that time I didn’t realise the controversy surrounding it until I mentioned to some colleagues that’s what I’d had. However after reading this articles and a few others and taking to the butcher I no longer think there is any reason to be shocked at the use of this meat.

When I told some people I was going to cook veal a few were shocked and made me feel like a complete savage. I would refer anyone who thinks that to the above article, where it states that the cattle used for veal are actually older than the lamb, so why does that not bother people?

I know this will not appeal to many but I am not going to apologise for my choice to cook and eat this; I had some people say to me that they have eaten veal but they still thought it was unethical to cook it??? As the article suggests it is young beef.

Anyway here’s the recipe…

4 thin escalopes of veal
2 oz mushrooms chopped
4 oz breadcrumbs
2 tomatoes skinned and diced
Mixed herbs
4 bacon rashers diced
1.5 oz melted butter

Lay the escalopes out flat. Mix the mushrooms, breadcrumbs, tomatoes and herbs together in a bowl. Fry the diced bacon lightly and mix with the other ingredients. Bind the mixture with the melted butter. Place a spoonful of the mix on one half of the escalope and fold the other half over. Wrap in buttered double greaseproof paper or foil, twisting the ends to secure it. Put on a baking tray and cook at 190 for 30-40 minutes.

I was chatting to the butcher about the veal and he just reiterated what I had been reading. He said it is slowly becoming more popular as people are starting to appreciate its actually a high welfare product.

I wrapped my escalopes in foil and cooked them for the full 40 minutes. They did fall apart a bit when I unwrapped them, they did not hold their shape and were very soft.

This was really delicious. I did find the filling a bit mushy; it was a good combination but just not the most pleasant texture. The meat was really tender and quite a mellow flavour. There are a few other veal recipes using escalopes so am looking forward to trying them. I had contemplated making a sauce to go with it but I’m actually glad I didn’t as it got to appreciate it on its own. My daughter even tried this, but rather randomly she said it tasted like pizza??

Would I make this agin? Possibly, we did both enjoy it but I think there are better sounding recipes.


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