Bacon and Mushroom Patties

This recipe comes from the teach your child to cook chapter. My daughter loves to help in the kitchen and we do often let her. Although there have been a few occasions where she has been banned after making too much of a mess!! There’s been a few occasions where there has been sugar, flour or milk everywhere. So tonight I was going to let her do as much of this is possible..


8oz lean bacon
1 onion
2oz mushrooms chopped
Quarter tsp dry mustard powder
Beaten egg
2oz lard

Mince the bacon and onion, or chop finely. Mix bacon, onion, mushrooms, mustard and a shake of pepper. Add enough egg to make the mixture bind together. Turn onto a floured board and shape into 8 cakes. Fry in the hot lard for 6-7 minutes, turning occasionally.

I started this off for my daughter by mincing the onion and bacon in the food processor. Rather than beat the egg separately I let her break it straight into the bowl; she enjoys that bit!

So one full egg was enough to bind the mixture together. The next bit involved us getting our hands dirty which I think she found a bit yucky but then got into the hang of it and actually managed to prepare some decent looking patties!

There was a bit of a mess at this stage but nothing that can’t be easily wiped up. So these are meant to be cooked in lard, and 2oz of lard is an obscene amount. I had bought lard for an earlier pastry recipe so thought I would use it but simply could not bring myself to use 1oz never mind 2oz! The amount I used was enough as there is some moisture released from the patties as they cook.

We don’t often fry stuff (I say that after having fried pancakes last night!!) but when we do it’s usually olive oil we use. I made another phone call to my gran and she did say that they used lard a lot for cooking back then. We did cook these for longer than 8 minutes and we carefully turned them together.

Taste wise these are good, not really a gastronomic delight but nice enough for a Tuesday night. The bacon is really strong so next time I would cut that back and maybe add some breadcrumbs and herbs instead. We enjoyed them and they did all get eaten – I had made the full quantity.

Would we make these again? Yes but with a few adjustments!

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