Bread Sauce

Every year at Christmas my mum produces the bread sauce and for as long as I can remember I think the only person to eat it is my dad! I feel bad now and for all the Christmases to come I am going to eat my mums bread sauce!


1 onion
2 cloves
Three quarter pint of milk
A few peppercorns
Three quarter oz of butter
3 oz fresh breadcrumbs

Peel the onion and stick the cloves in it, place in a pan with the milk, salt and the peppercorns, bring almost to boiling point and leave in a warm place for 20 minutes in order to extract the flavour. Remove the peppercorns and add the butter and breadcrumbs. Mix well and allow to cook very slowly for 15 minutes then remove the onion.

A bit of advice is to make sure you count the peppercorns. I just threw in about half a teaspoon, so when it comes to removing them I had to a bit of a search to make sure I found them all! Think it was just lucky that nobody needed up with a whole peppercorn on their plate!

There was a really lovely smell from this as it was cooking. I didn’t let it boil at the last stage, I just left it under a gentle heat on the hob for those 15 minutes.

So I think I am now a bread sauce fan. It was great, really excellent and a great combination with the turkey. I was really surprised how flavoursome this was.

Would I make this again? Yes I am, going to make these every year now!


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