Cheese Aigrettes

This recipe actually features in two chapters; cheese and appetisers. We are having these as an appetiser with some champagne, well it is our wedding anniversary so why not!

I’m also adding these to the Cheese Please feature from a fellow blogger. Fromage Homage is a blog entirely about cheese! So being a lover of cheese it’s a blog I enjoy very much and since reading it I have been introduced to some new and wonderful cheeses. So Cheese Please is like cheese recipe blog challenge and you can see the details here

The idea is each month there is a featured cheese but in Decembers it’s a bit of a free for all and any cheese recipe can be included. I thought this sounded like a good cheese recipe to share via Cheese Please!

Fromage Homage

So here’s the recipe..


1.5oz butter
Quarter pint of water
2.5oz plain flour
2 eggs
2oz strong cheese
Salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
Oil for frying

Heat the butter and water in a saucepan until the fat dissolves and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat, add the flour all at once and beat well until the paste is smooth and leaves the sides of the pan. Allow to cool slightly, then beat in the eggs gradually. Add the cheese and season well. Heat the oil and drop in teaspoonfuls of the mixture. Fry until golden.

These are basically little deep fried balls of cheese choux pastry! Not the healthiest but who cares! It says strong cheese so I felt it had to be Stilton. If you don’t like Stilton you could just use a cheddar. I think you could use any hard cheese really depending in what you like or what you have leftover from the Christmas cheeseboard.

I’ve made choux pastry a few times and always worked well, but that’s when I’ve been making something sweet and baking in the oven. I was worried at first about frying but after first batch I was pretty happy as they worked out really well.

These are just little golden, puffed up balls of cheesy wonderfullness!! Perfect with a glass of champagne! I had made the full quantity and between the two of us we managed to finish them. They were light and fluffy and really delicious. My only comment would be that I couldn’t taste any cayenne, bit sure if that was overpowered by the Stilton or I just didn’t add enough.

Would I make these again! Yes! Brilliant little appetiser, or snack or lunch or supper…..

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