Grapefruit and Lemon Marmalade

Its a rainy miserable Sunday so I decided to try making this marmalade. I’ve made the lime marmalade from the book already and it was great, so was looking forward to this one..


2 large grapefruits, about 2lb
4-5 lemons, about 1lb
3 pints water
3lbs sugar

Wash the fruit, peel off the coloured part of the skin with a knife or a peeler and cut it up finely. Peel off the pith and cut up the flesh roughly, removing any pips. Put the peel, flesh, juice and water into a pan, add the pith an pips (tied in muslin) and simmer gently for 1-1.5 hours or until the peel is soft and the contents of the pan reduced by half. Remove the muslin bag, squeezing it well, add the sugar and stir until it’s dissolved. Boil rapidly until setting point is reached. Allow to stand for 15 minutes and pot and cover in the usual way.

I may not have the patience for many things but I find chopping food quite relaxing! I halved this recipe and there still was a lot of peel to chop, but it really don’t mind doing all that by hand. I only had one grapefruit so that’s what I halved it, then I used 2 lemons.

After the first simmering stage I let it cool slightly before removing the muslin; that way I could give it a good squeeze without burning my hands. Was surprised how much the contents of the muslin bag had reduced during the simmering.

The next stage of boiling rapidly didn’t take long. I have a sugar thermometer to make sure I reach the correct temperature. Setting point is 221, but you can use the cold saucer test to make sure it’s reached the right temperature. That stage only took about 15 minutes. I sterilised my jars in the dishwasher this time.

The smell from this is amazing. I tried it warm and it was lovely, but think the real test is how it tastes once it’s cooled. So I left it for as long as I could!

This is quite lovely! It’s not too sweet and you can taste both the grapefruit and lemon. It’s set really well which I’m pleased about and the peel is nice and soft and not too chunky.

I need to get myself some nice labels or something to make it look prettier. I just use recycled jars so looks very mis-matched, some labels would make it look a bit nicer! I would love to buy some nice jars but have so many recycled ones to use up!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it

4 thoughts on “Grapefruit and Lemon Marmalade

  1. Looks delicious! I was looking at seville oranges today, wondering about making marmalade. Also spent ages in Papyrus basement – tempted by baking stuff. Think they have jam jar labels. What about some tasty bread from Cottonrake bakers to spread your marmalade on?

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