Ricy Mince

This is a weird sounding recipe, when I looked this up to see if it is an actual recipe I only came across one reference to a random recipe where you just through anything you have in the fridge and cook it with mince and rice!! That’s pretty much what this is..


1 onion chopped
2 sticks of celery chopped
1 oz butter
2 oz mushrooms
1lb mince
6-8 oz long grain rice
15oz can of tomatoes (or 0.5lb fresh tomatoes) made up to 1.5 pints with stock
A pinch of dried herbs
Half a bay leaf

Fry the onion and celery in the butter for 5 minutes until soft. Stir in the mushrooms, add the meat and fry until lightly browned. Stir in the rice and continue frying for a further few minutes. Pour in the tomatoes and stock and add the seasoning and herbs. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer gently until the meat is tender, the rice is soft and the liquid is absorbed. Serve with a separate dish of grated Parmesan.

The recipes does also give a few variations; adding 2 oz chopped bacon or half a green pepper. To be honest you could add anything you have!

This is really easy to make and it only requires one pot which I quite like. I used fresh tomatoes and topped up volume with beef stock. The recipe doesn’t actually say how long to simmer it for, think I ended up leaving it for 30 minutes, and by then the rice was cooked and all the liquid had been absorbed. I made the full quantity of this and it makes loads! Looks like we’ll be eating this all week!

Taste wise this is nice enough. It’s nothing wonderful but is a tasty mid week dinner. The Parmesan is a nice touch but to be honest I can think of better recipes with mince. I suppose it is a good recipe to use up the last of the veg, which is why I chose this to make tonight!! You could adapt this using whatever you have.

Would I make this again? Maybe…


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