Stuffed Chillies

We were having these as a pre dinner snack..


6 fresh chillies
Quarter lb cheese, finely grated
1 tsp mustard powder
2 tsps butter
1 tsp sugar
A few nuts

Boil the chillies in salted water for a few minutes, split them lengthwise and remove the seeds. Make a paste with all the ingredients except the nuts, then chop the nuts and mix most of them in. Fill the chillies with the mixture, or pipe it in to make it more attractive, top each chilli with the rest of the nuts.

I had 3 chillies so halved the recipe. I couldn’t decide what kind of cheese to use; I had quite a few to choose from. I ended up using emmental that I had left over from the fondue, and am not a massive fan of it on its own so that’s what I used. I could not get a paste with grated cheese and the other ingredients, it was at this point that I thought it should be cream cheese; but then the recipe specifically says to grate so you couldn’t grate cream cheese! I had to deviate, so I melted the mix slightly.

I had hoped to pipe this in to make it more attractive, but melted cheese isn’t exactly easy to pipe; it was at this point again I was thinking I should’ve used cream cheese as it would’ve been easier to pipe.

So these aren’t as attractive as I’d hoped! I had to just spoon in cheese mix and then crumble nuts on top.

I took a big bite of the red one , it’s hot!! I thought the boiling would’ve taken some of the heat out, and the fact that the seeds have been removed. Heck no! These are so so hot! I couldn’t manage a whole one! I do like hot spices but these were too much for me. My husband managed to finish the rest. I just felt you couldn’t taste anything else, and again I was wishing I had just used cream cheese as maybe the cool creaminess of that might’ve taken some of the heat away!

Would I try these again? Maybe, but definitely with cream cheese!


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Chillies

    • Yeah I think definitely cream cheese. That’s what I’d taken out the fridge first but then when I read it had to be grated I picked a different cheese. So next time I’d do with cream cheese!

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