Bacon Pancakes

This is a recipe from Holland and apparently is a favourite lunch time snack. I love bacon and pancakes so was looking forward to this!


8 oz plain flour
1 tsp salt
0.5 oz fresh yeast
1 tsp sugar
1 pint milk
1 egg beaten
3-4 oz cooked bacon

Sift the flour and salt together. Cream the yeast with the sugar. Warm the milk slightly. Make a well in the flour, add the creamed yeast mixed with half of the warm milk and the egg, beat well and then put to rise for 20 minutes. Work in the rest of the milk and beat well. Cover the mixture and leave in a warm place for an hour. Meanwhile cut the bacon into strips. Pour the batter on to a hot greased girdle or frying pan, lay the strips of bacon on top and cook on both sides. Serve folded in halves or quarters.

This same batter can be used to make sweet pancakes with lemon and icing sugar. The recipe also goes on to say that these pancakes should be the size of a dinner plate and are very filling, so one forms the usual serving. I made the full quantity and ended up with 4 dinner plate sized pancakes, and yes 1 was enough!!

I used dry yeast so had to do a bit of converting and ended up using one 7g sachet. When adding the second half of the milk I just threw the whole lot in and it took ages to get that to blend in. So would advise adding gradually.

Once it’s rested for an hour it looks really frothy, but that seemed to settle once I poured in into the pan. They cooked really quickly and it’s time to turn when all the bubbles start to burst.

I had expected them to puff up a bit more and be quite thick pancakes, but they are actually pretty thin; not quite as thin as a crepe but not as thick as a scotch pancake.


Although they are quick to cook it does take a bit of time to prepare, we were having these for Saturday brunch so had the time for this.

I have to admit I was a wee bit disappointed with these. There is definitely not enough bacon, I used 90g which is just between 3-4 ounces, but I wished there was more. Also I felt they had a weird sort of yeasty taste to them which wasn’t unpleasant but just didn’t taste quite right. They were nice enough but have had better pancakes.

Would I make these again? Yes I’d make pancakes in this way with the bacon, but I’d just use a regular pancake batter without yeast and add way more bacon!


7 thoughts on “Bacon Pancakes

  1. They look like giant crumpets! I’ll bet a bit of maple syrup would be lovely. Have you tried making Staffordshire Oatcakes? They are great with savoury things like bacon; I blogged about them a while back (August maybe?) But then I’m from Staffs so perhaps I’m biased 😉

    • Yeah they are a bit crumpet like! I had never heard of a Staffordshire oatcake so just checked your blog, they look great. Will need to try them. I’ve made biscuit oatcakes a few times but nothing like that!

  2. I have made both yeast pancakes (plain) and bacon pancakes (no yeast). I had the same dislike of the yeasty flavor of yeast pancakes. It’s not terrible just not what you expect (or what I want!) in a pancake. I highly recommend a regular (no-yeast) bacon pancake. And load it up with bacon:) sounds like it was a good learning experience!

  3. BACON PANCAKES OH MY GOD. I DID A SQUEAL WHEN I SAW THIS. My heritage is Dutch and one of my favourite meals from there is bacon pancakes. My Oma used to make apple and prosciutto ones which were also fab.

    • Really? I love the sound of apple and prosciutto. I had found the yeasty flavour quite strong, so am now wondering if I didn’t convert properly, as the recipe said fresh yeast but I used dry. Also I think they need way more bacon than this recipe suggests!

      • I’m not sure if the ones she made used yeast. The traditional Dutch pancakes, poffertjes, definitely use yeast and I have spent literally years trying to crack the recipe. I’m pretty sure her bacon ones don’t have yeast and are just normal pancakes but with less sugar.
        I think the conversion rate is something like half the weight of fresh yeast if you’re using dry. But yeah, next time i’d just try normal pancakes and definitely lots of bacon haha I promise you’ll love it!

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