Corroboree Curry Hot-Pot

This is a recipe from the Australian section of the recipes around the world chapter. It’s quite an unusual recipe and I did wonder how authentic it was so I did a google search and actually found quite a few references to this and they all had the exact same ingredients!


0.5 oz dripping, oil or lard
1 lb braising steak cut into 1 inch cubes
2 onions sliced
2 cooking apples, peeled, cored and sliced
2 tomatoes skinned and sliced
2 tsps curry powder
2 oz sultanas
1 oz raisins
0.5 pint stock
1 tbsp flour
Brown sugar
1 tbsps chopped parsley
3 hard boiled eggs
2 pkts potato crisps

Heat the fat in a pan, add the meat, onion and apple and fry until golden brown. Add the tomatoes and curry powder and cook for a few minutes longer. Place the mixture in a casserole, add the fruit and stock, cover and cook at 180 for an hour and a half. Blend the flour with a little extra water and stir into the casserole. Season to taste with a little salt and brown sugar and garnish with the chopped parsley and sliced egg. Surround the casserole with the potato crisps and serve at once.

The house was smelling pretty good while this was cooking. I made the full quantity as I expect this is one of those dishes that tastes even better the next day!

This is my kind of Sunday dinner, it is left to slow cook for a while! I didn’t think the addition of the flour was necessary; I added it anyway as I am trying to stick to every recipe exactly as it’s written but I really don’t think it needs that step.

I was very dubious about the accompaniments but I carried on anyway! I only planned to serve up half this as it was just for the two of us, so I only boiled one egg and used one packet of crisps. I didn’t make anything else for us to have with this, maybe I should’ve?? I think tomorrow I’ll make a rice or lentil dish to have with it.

The curry itself tastes amazing, it’s quite sweet but with a nice warmth and the meat is lovely and soft. It’s so hard to describe the combination if the curry and eggs and crisps. It’s not unpleasant, it’s just not what you’d expect! We didn’t have anything else with this so wasn’t a massive dinner, and to be honest would’ve been just great with rice or lentils instead of the egg and crisps!

There have been a few recipes now that have used fruits in curries and it does add a really nice flavour; the apples have totally mushed in but you can still taste them, and then the dried fruit have plumped up slightly in the sauce which is nice. So overall this is a really tasty curry hot pot, and was interesting to try with the crisps and egg but I think it’s fine as it is!

Would I make this again! Yes, but wouldn’t bother with the egg and crisps


4 thoughts on “Corroboree Curry Hot-Pot

  1. I think this is a beautiful dish.ideal for my wife, Christine, she llkes sweet curries. I will definately try it, including the eggs and crisps, a nice touch and saves me making rice 🙂

  2. This is not Australian at all. It originally came from a British cookbook by Good Housekeeping magazine. It was probably made camping or at Boy Scouts using what ingredients they had. Coroboree is an Aboriginal word loosely meaning a get together

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