Mushroom Stuffing

There is a bit of planning to my blog, I do have to be pretty organised so I know I have a recipe to make each day. I thought I had done something from every chapter until I realised there was a whole chapter on stuffings!! So picked this one first


4 oz mushrooms chopped
1 small onion chopped
1 oz butter or margarine
1 level tbsp chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
2 oz breadcrumbs
Beaten egg

Lightly fry the mushrooms and onion in the fat for 2-3 minutes until soft but not coloured. Add the parsley, seasoning and breadcrumbs and bind with a little beaten egg. Use to stuff vegetables such as tomatoes or green peppers.

I made the full quantity of this and it was the prefect amount to stuff two full peppers. I know the recipe suggests green peppers but I picked red. To make the stuffing itself took minutes!


The recipe doesn’t advise how long to actually cook the stuffing for. I suppose it would depend on what your are stuffing! I think the main thing is that the egg gets cooked which shouldn’t take long. Since I was using peppers I referred back to the stuffed peppers recipe I made a while back, I know that was stuffed with a rice mix but assumed the oven cooking time would be the same. So I cooked these for about 20 minutes. I also used the tip from that recipe by surrounding the peppers with some stock while they cook in the oven. That helped make the peppers themselves nice and soft.

After 20 minutes the top of the stuffing mix had started to crisp up a bit and the peppers felt soft. The two were a great combination! I know it’s not the prettiest to look at but I really enjoyed this. The filling has a nice flavour, but I have to say some bacon in there wouldn’t go a miss! I was also tempted to put some more breadcrumbs over the top before it went in the oven but kept to the recipe.

As a midweek dinner this is good for me, surprisingly filling and tasty. As for the stuffing I do think it could be combined with some meats as well as vegetables, would be good with pork and chicken as well.

Would I make this again? Yes, but maybe adding bacon, more breadcrumbs or even a wee grating of cheese!

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