Egg Custard Tart

This recipe comes from the hot puddings chapter and I am using up the shortcrust pastry I made at the weekend.


Rather than make one big tart I halved this and made 2 individual ones. I had just under 2 oz of pastry left and that was plenty to line the two tins.

I may have been a bit foolish here but I had assumed that if I was baking the pastry and filling together I could trim back the edge?? Obviously not! Note to self, do not trim the pastry.

I also had an epic disaster. I put these very carefully in the oven on a baking tray, then after about 30 seconds I heard an almighty bang! The oven tray had buckled and sent my tarts flying! I think the air in the kitchen turned blue! The custard had spilt all over the tray so I had to do a bit of drastic rearranging. So not only did I loose have the filling but the pastry was shrinking; not going well!!

At this point I was thinking about how awful my photos are going to be!! I had taken this slightly rushed photo to prove they did look decent before going in the oven!

So after about 30 minutes I took them out as they were starting to look a little brown. I was also concerned that due to the major spillage they were going to be welded to the tins, but rather surprisingly they popped out fine.

They are pretty thin as most of the custard poured out, which is so frustrating as they taste great! They look a bit crap so I dusted with icing sugar and “drizzled” with salted caramel sauce! Even with those additions you can still taste the custard and it’s quite lovely! I really enjoyed this and will need to try again to make sure I get them perfect!

Would I make these again? Yes, despite my disasters these were really lovely but need to do again, and might try as a large tart next time.


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