Pea Soup

I think I’ve only ever made pea soup once before and that was a pea and mint one which was a bit watery. The recipe says to use a little turnip, I had a whole turnip so I scaled up this recipe to use up the entire turnip


I’m not happy yet with the recipe photos; I am finding it easier as I don’t have to type it all out but I just need to play around and get a style that I’m happy with. I think in the meantime it does what I need it to do!

I started soaking the peas this morning, so they did get just about 11 hours. I didn’t add any bacon or ham, I was tempted but I wanted to try this just with the peas first. I reckon I had this boiling for closer to 2 hours, and I did blend it which resulted in a really velvety consistency.

I was expecting quite a bland soup but was really surprised how appetising it was. We had this with some crusty rolls and it’s really filling. I didn’t expect the dried peas to create such a strong flavour! If you wanted to keep the calories down you could omit the milk; I tried it before the milk went in and was equally as tasty.

I have made loads of this so will be having again tomorrow and will freeze some.

Would I make this again? Yes, will try with some bacon next time


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