Stuffed Frankfurters

Yes I am going to attempt to stuff a frankfurter!! Why bother I hear people cry, is there really anything to stuff?? This recipe comes from the family catering chapter and as you can see there’s quantities for 6 and 20. I halved the amount for 6 to serve the three of us.


Not really anything too complicated about this recipe although it is a bit of a faff trying to stuff the onion mix into frankfurters, you really don’t need much mix! To be honest why would you want to stuff them anyway?? I did my best to make sure all the filling was covered with the bacon, even though I love bacon am still not overly excited about this!


I had these grilling for longer than 5 minutes, mainly because I like my bacon crispy. Despite my best efforts to cover the whole frankfurter with bacon there are gaps, and as expected some of the filling falls out when I turned them. They may look burnt in places but that’s intentional…


So how, when and where should I serve these?? We just had them as they were, only because there is no other food in the house and I had to make a recipe today!! I suppose you could have these as a main meal with some veg, or in a hot dog bun with a beer!!

So the biggest question is how did they taste? It’s hard to say, I mean we ate them but all with a kind of confused expression! Bacon is good, cheese and onion is good but am not a massive fan of the frankfurter. Altogether it’s ok, but I think this is more well suited to a snack for after the pub!! Sorry for the photos but I’d challenge anyone to make these look beautiful!!

Would I make these again? Doubtful, I’d maybe try with a better quality sausage


5 thoughts on “Stuffed Frankfurters

    • My aim is to try every recipe, so need to have a go at things I’m not a fan of!! All part of the challenge. Thought my daughter would love this kind of thing but even she wasn’t too fussed!

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