Apple Fritters

Have not been food shopping for a couple weeks so it’s been getting to that stage where I’m trying to make meals with what’s left. Fortunately I had two cooking apples in the fridge and after a discussion about fritters last night I had to make these.


I opted for the first batter recipe, but I’ll try the second one when I make one of the suggested variations.

I don’t have an apple corer so had to de-core with a sharp knife, which resulted in bits of apple flying across the kitchen and some random shapes.

The one thing I noticed when cooking these is that the longer they are left in the hot oil the more furious the bubbles get and it spits more. I had to assume this was due to the apple starting to breakdown and releasing apple juice into the hot oil.


I had a plate layed out with caster sugar and about a teaspoon of cinnamon. They are softer than I expected but I think that’s because the apple inside is pretty soft by the time they are cooked.

We had these with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce for some extra sweetness and it was just great! The apples are soft but held there shape in most places and the batter is a mixture of crispy and slightly softer in places. The combinations are great, as the apples are a touch bitter but mixed with the sugar coating is perfect. You could serve these with some good vanilla ice cream or cream. Think I’ll try that next time!

Would I make these again? Yes, lovely


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