Duck and Orange Casserole

So this is quite a classic recipe and has a lot to live up to! I’ve only ever cooked duck once and have to say I didn’t love it. I’ve eaten it a few times since and was nice, so this was a bit of a challenge for me!


I set off to the butcher with the intention of buying a whole duck and attempting to joint it myself. They didn’t have a whole duck; would’ve ordered one but I had myself set on this recipe today. After explaining what I wanted to make the butcher talked me into buying two breasts!! He told me that once jointed there isn’t much meat on the rest of the duck and as I was making duck and orange I’d be better off just using the breast. So I took his advise. The recipe is for four so as I was only using two breasts I halved all the other ingredients.

I’ve watched a lot of duck being cooked and know the idea is to cook skin side done to render all the fat off, so that’s what I did. So then this goes in the oven which made me start to think I should remove the fat?? Would it not just go all soggy in the oven?? After an hour it wasn’t looking the prettiest!


So now I was thinking am I meant to pour the sauce over the duck? The sauce did not look good at all! It’s just so greasy looking. So I removed the duck and served that with the orange pieces.


However as I don’t like to waste food I fished out the veg from the sauce and served them with the duck. We also just had some mashed potato, which I had thought I’d be using to mop up all the lovely orangey sauce!

The duck itself was lovely and tender, but the skin layer was a it greasy so I cut that off. The duck and the orange segments together is really lovely; the rind wasn’t quite as pleasant though. The veg that I’d saved from the sauce was actually delicious and made me think maybe I should’ve poured more of the sauce over??

Again it’s not the most attractive plate of food but yet again it was really tasty, I only wish I’d added more orange segments.

Would I make this again? Yes I would, I’d remove the fat, use more sauce and more orange segments



2 thoughts on “Duck and Orange Casserole

  1. I think it looks really good and I love orange sauce. The object of your exercise is to follow those recipes in the book and in doing that learn how they can be improved. Maybe if the orange rind was boiled in sugar syrup it would be more pleasant. Keep going. I envy your determination.

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