Stuffed Aubergines

I think the only time I’ve cooked with aubergine was when I was making moussaka. I feel it’s a very underused veg in this house!


I made the full quantity of this recipe for the three of us. One thing to say is that the aubergine browns quickly once it’s cut open, so I’d get all the filling ingredients ready then cut open the aubergines at the final stage. I didn’t do this and my aubergine shells had gone a rather unpleasant colour!

It also takes a good amount of packing to get all that filling pack into the aubbergine shells but I did eventually manage! I’m going to try take more photos of the food before it’s finished just in case I have any disasters. That way I can at least post a photo to prove I did attempt it! Here’s the stuffed aubergines before going in the oven


I gave this the full time in the oven and the top was browning but I couldn’t help but think the actual shell didn’t look very soft. Can you eat raw aubergine?? I did a wee bit of research and apparently there is a toxin called solanine in the skin of an uncooked aubergine, but you’d have to eat 36 of them for it to do any harm! Cooking them reduces this toxin. Yes the article I read specifically said 36 aubergines!! I couldn’t eat the whole one so think it’s ok I didn’t cook it long enough!

So how did this taste? The filling was great, I enjoyed the soft bits of the aubergine flesh mixed with all the other filling ingredients, but I didn’t love the shell. It wasn’t the flavour it was the texture. What I would try is maybe putting some stock in the baking tray to soften the shell a bit more, or would that end up making it a soggy mess?

My fellow diners weren’t exactly raving about this one either! My daughter managed a few mouthfuls but I think the texture of the shell put her off as well! I just had a whole aubergine for my dinner and it was really filling and I couldn’t finish it.

I know the recipe says to serve with a cheese or tomato sauce, but I just wanted to try these one their own. Think it might’ve been better with a good tomato sauce.

Would I make this again? Mmm, doubtful. I’d try adapting it but as it is I didn’t love it


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