Anchovy Toasts

So I had a friend pop over today and decided that she should share this experience with me! I had decided that I must like anchovies if I like capers and olives and sardines. So I rather foolishly just ate a whole fillet, OMG it was awful!! It’s probably the only thing I have ever had to remove from my mouth in a ladylike fashion! So I have a jar of anchovy fillets in my fridge and thought it was about time I tried this..


I have cooked with anchovy paste before, have used it in a few meat dishes and it did add a nice flavour, only in very small quantities!

I assume the purpose of the sieving stage is to remove all the litte bones, and once it’s sieved it looks utterly revolting!

I just some generic white bread and the paste looks like a sort of flavoured butter.

I couldn’t decide if this is to be served while the butter is still warm and therefore quite liquid or wait till it cools and then it has more of a room temperature butter consistency. I had made this slightly earlier than I planned to eat it so it had solidified slightly, think that actually made it easier to spread on the toast.

So how did it taste? I was really surprised how much I liked this! Yes the anchovy is a really really strong flavour so only really needs a scraping on the toast. The addition of the lemon, parsley and pepper do help and you can taste them. I didn’t get any nutmeg.

It’s hard to make this look appetising, if I was doing again I’d cut into a variety of shapes but I stuck to the finger design as the recipe suggests!

It’s funny as I was making this I couldn’t bring myself to like the knife that I’d used to spread on, but as a canapé it is something different and actually really enjoyable! It is a very strong flavour, yet great with a glass of wine!

Would I make these again? Yes I would, I’d do different shapes and perhaps even more lemon. Yet again I feel the need to apologise for the dodgy photo!



4 thoughts on “Anchovy Toasts

  1. There is nothing wrong with the photo! Like you I find anchovies too strong and have always steered away from recipes using it. Strange that Worcester Sauce has anchovies in it and I love the sauce.

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