Peas a la Francaise

I had planned to make these with our Sunday roast dinner, but had a change of plans and ended up having our roast chicken tonight!


Nice and easy to make this, just throw everything in a pan and leave for a while. I have mint growing in my garden, in the summer it tends to completely take over my wee herb garden so am always looking for new recipes to use it up. It has started growing again, not sure if that’s to do with the mild weather or not.

I also keep buying parsley plants and then use them so much that they never get a chance to grow again. I have noticed that there has been a lot of recipes using parsley, so always make sure I have a healthy supply in the kitchen!

As I said we were having this with roast chicken and that’s all! I was making the full quantity of this and 1.5 lb of peas is loads!

So how did this taste? Honestly this was great. I like peas and think they are very underrated, and I think this is a really nice way to jazz up a humble pea. Am not too sure what the purpose of the lettuce is, I couldn’t taste it but you did get a kind of mushy bit of lettuce every now and then which wasn’t unpleasant but just unnecessary I suppose. The flavour from the spring onions and herbs was really great. I would perhaps add even more mint next time.

Would I make this again? Yes, great side dish for Sunday/Monday roast dinner!



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