Stuffed Potatoes Par Excellence

I picked this recipe to make today because I had some sour cream to use up, and the name sounds great! Makes it sound like a right obnoxious potato!


I’m not sure how old the potatoes need to be, mine were starting to grow new potatoes so pretty sure they could be considered old! Perfectly fine once the ‘growths’ have been cut off.

Normally when I’m doing a baked potato I start it in the microwave then finish off in the oven, that speeds up to process and still get a soft filling with a nice crispy skin.

I followed this recipe and after an hour my potatoes were no where near soft, they weren’t particularly big. It was getting on a bit so I had to throw them in the microwave for 7 minutes to speed things up, if I didn’t we would’ve been having these for breakfast.

I was thirding this, and I did attempt to third a beaten egg, just poured in a little. My next problem was the piping stage. I had several different piping nozzles and I picked the biggest but even that wasn’t working. I had chopped my bacon and onion finely but even still the chunks were getting stuck in the piping nozzle. What I would try next time is mixing half the mash with the onion and bacon mix, filling the potatoes with that and then piping the rest of the smooth mash round the edges. As it was I had to just spoon on, so wasn’t as pretty as I had imagined!

We finally sat down to eat these over an hour and a half after I started! Not ideal when there’s a hungry family to feed!

So how did these taste! Excellent! The filling is great and the texture of the potato which has been mixed with the egg is really nice. Was it worth the wait? Yes it was, really great side dish with last nights leftovers.

Would I make this again? Yes but I would start the potatoes in the microwave and then the oven, and keep some plain mash for piping


6 thoughts on “Stuffed Potatoes Par Excellence

  1. They look absolutely delicious.
    I don’t think I would change a thing, nice crispy bacon and potatoes. Though if you needed the piped finish then your solution would work really well, just the mashed potato.

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