Fried Rice

Needed a quick dinner for the others in the house tonight, and this fits the bill, on the table in just over 20 minutes..


This is another recipe that I’m surprised to find in this book, so I had to make my regular call to my gran, and she does not remember having savoury rice dishes even back in the 1970’s. This probably is a recipe added in the later 1967 edition. She only ever remembers making rice pudding so will need to give that a go soon!!

This is quite a good recipe for using up those last bits of things in the fridge! I guess you could adapt and add anything else you have lurking about; peppers, celery, prawns, asparagus…

We do quite often have a stir fry or a rice one pot as I like to call them where I throw a bunch of stuff in the wok and mix with rice or noodles. I’ve never actually fried the rice, and I’ve never put an omelette into a stir fry. I know in the past I would have left the omelette out but am slowly getting over my egg dislike!

Nice and quick to make, I had quick cook rice so it was boiled in 12 minutes and then the rest only takes and about 10 minutes. I was serving this with some chicken that had been marinated in soy sauce.

I was halving this for one adult and one child, so when it came to putting the soy sauce in I didn’t think it was anywhere near enough, we all like quite a lot of soy sauce!! So I served the bottle on the table so they could add extra!


This wasn’t actually for me but obviously I had to taste so I could give an opinion. All I can say is that I wish I was having this for tea! It’s a lovely quick and simple dinner that is perfect for midweek dinner. The other two loved it and plates were scraped clean!

Would I make this again? Yes, definitely



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