Fried Fish West Indian Style

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but I had to wait until I had tracked down pimiento! Now that I have I was looking forward to this, it sounds really simple and hoped it would taste good…


I think I ended up leaving to marinade for over 2 hours, pretty sure the times isn’t too crucial. When I did take it out to start cooking the fish looked like it had already started to cook, think that will be the effect of the lemon juice.

When it says to drain off the liquid I had to assume I wasn’t to waste all the pimiento? So I carefully drained off the excess liquid and cooked the fish with the pimiento.


It cooked really quickly, within only a few minutes on each side it was starting to flake away. I think the lemon juice has had an effect on the cooking time.

We were just having this with a veg stir fry, and it was delicious. The fish was lovely and soft and the flavour from the lemon and pimiento was really delicious.

I really enjoyed this and was a healthy, light start to the weekend…

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it


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