Boeuf Strogonoff

I like to think I do have a bit of a system to what I make each night, but I don’t really! I was swithering over a few different recipes tonight but really fancied trying this..


I’ve eaten strogonoff a few times but not something I’ve ever made. I had expected the recipe to also include brandy and paprika.

One thing that’s thrown me is the title; is it stroganoff or strogonoff?? I did a bit of research and ended up going round in circles. Both recipes mostly include beef, paprika, mushrooms, onions, brandy and sour cream. Either way they both refer pretty much to the same recipe.

This is a good recipe for mid week, was ready and in the table in under 20 minutes.

I know this looks really bland but I can confirm it’s not, it’s packed with flavour! I love recipes like this that use only a handful of ingredients but result in such a tasty dinner. To be honest you don’t miss the paprika, it’s fine without but sure adding that to the seasoned flour would make it even better!

Would I make this again? Yes, simple, quick yet delicious


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