Mulligatawny Soup

So this recipe is a bit of a contrast to last nights, it took about 10 times a long to make! To be honest there are some nights when that suits, if you have something else to get on with then this can simmer away in the background..


This does seem like quite an extensive ingredient list, but once you’ve got all the veg chopped it’s not that bad. I don’t know why but I had it in my head that mulligatawny soup had pumpkin in it! For that reason I had been flicking past this recipe and thinking I would wait and make in October. Wasn’t until I clocked a can in the supermarket that I realised is more like a curry flavoured soup.

For this I didn’t use chicken, I had a solitary piece of steak in the freezer that wasn’t really enough for anything, so I used that. Also I think instead of cooking the rice separately you could add it towards the end of the cooking time and let it cook actually in the soup.

As for the cooking time, it is ages! I’ve no idea quite why it has to cook so long, the other references to this didn’t have such a long cooking time. It did suit me as I had other stuff to do so left this simmering away.

So when I read I was to sieve the soup I couldn’t believe I was to throw away all that veg I had chopped! I had assumed that if I really was meant to throw it away then the recipe wouldn’t have been quite so exact about finely chopping the veg. So I am admitting to a slight deviation because I could not face sieving off all the veg!

So after all that time how did it taste? Amazing! I really loved it and it was well worth the wait. I had opted for the 2 tablespoons of curry powder and it had a brilliant heat to it. I’m also really glad I left in the veg as they are all soft, but not mushy, and really tasty.

I made the full quantity of this and it does make a lot, but I had two bowls of this, and I think it’s one of those soups that will taste even better tomorrow..

Would I make this again? Yes but I’d cut back the cooking time to see if that really makes a difference



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