Anchovy Twists

I was making these as a canapé tonight. I really quite liked the anchovy toast but still can’t help but think how much I don’t enjoy a whole anchovy fillet!!


This is a good recipe if you have pastry to use up, and anchovies…

I attempted to twist these as carefully as possible, but as always I end up a rush!

These cook really quickly and any weirdly shaped kinks in the pastry are evened out in the cooking!

So how were these? Let’s just say it was a bit of a divided opinion! I think it’s one of those things you either love or hate. I loved these, yes the flavour of the anchovy is really strong but when it’s intertwined with the pastry it’s quite lovely. A few other members of my family hated these!

Would I make these again? Yes I would cos I liked them!!



7 thoughts on “Anchovy Twists

  1. That’s putting it mildly Greig “ughhh ughh” gulping beer and guzzling crisps to get rid of flavour! I wouldn’t say I was an anchovy fan but found these quite tasty….only one though!

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