Wholemeal Bread

I made white bread a while back and I used regular plain flour rather than bread flour and it turned out ok, so thought I’d try this loaf today..


As I mentioned in the white bread recipe the book does talk about bread flour, but it says you would need to go to the baker and ask them to order for you and it’s expensive. Obviously nowadays we can get loads of different bread flours, but it’s good to try and make a loaf with the most basic type of flour.

I halved this recipe and I got 2 small loaves. I also used all wholemeal rather than a mix. I had been watching a programme this week about the contents of food, and one thing they had been talking about was wholemeal breads. Apparently a lot of the brands of wholemeal bread in the supermarkets also contain other types of flours. So at least with this one you can be guaranteed it’s all wholemeal!

I know the whole bread making process is a bit time consuming but if you have the time it’s worth it. I started this first thing, left it till about 11 to rise and then was in the oven at 1. It was hard to make sure I had the dough smooth enough at the kneading stage. The grains if wholemeal make it harder to tell.

This did rise really well and was more than doubled after the first rise. I have two different shaped loaf tins, that’s why my loaves are different shapes!

I have to say there is nothing better than a slice of homemade bread warm from the oven simply spread with butter!! This bread is lovely, it’s nice and light but it has a decent crust.

Would I make this again? Yes, can’t beat homemade bread!


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