Mackerel Calaisienne

As you can see the title of this recipe is mackerel or herring, I picked mackerel because that’s what they had in the shop! The name actually means mackerel (or herring) in the style of Calais. Traditionally it’s stuffed with roes and herbs and cooked in paper cases. This recipe does say that the roes can be added if you have them, am kind of glad I don’t have any roe as not sure how I feel about adding them!!


As you can see this recipe has a picture!! There so few pictures in this book which I think sometime makes it difficult to know if how things are meant to look! It’s not a great picture however.

So I had bought two whole mackerel and they were only £1:50 each. They had been gutted but still had head on, so I had to chop the head and tail off myself, thankfully that was much easier they jointing a chicken!

The stuffing is really easy to make, and I did add the lemon. I didn’t measure out how much milk I used, but I think I used about 50ml. I had attempted to halve the stuffing but even that was too much

I really love smoked mackerel but have never cooked fresh mackerel before.

It’s not the easiest thing to eat, but the fish is just so delicious! You have to pick round the bones which I don’t mind but I guess would put some people off. We didn’t really enjoy the stuffing, the fish was so nice on its own and the stuffing just didn’t really add anything.

Would I make this again? I’d definitely cook fresh mackerel again but not with the stuffing. Will try with herring though



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