Meat Rolls

This is exactly as the name suggests, meat in a roll! When you read the title you might expect it to be meat in some sort of pastry or dough like a sausage roll, but no it’s in a bread roll. I suppose it’s quite like a sloppy joe!


I was actually using raw mince for this so I fried it for a few minutes first, but I think you could just extend the actually simmering time if you want to use raw mince.

At first I didn’t think it needed the flour, there’s so little liquid left after the simmering time, yet when you add the flour the whole texture changes to a much thicker consistency which makes it look quite appealing!

I was just using plain white rolls and it did all feel very wrong frying them in butter!

I’ve no idea if this is meant to be enough for 2 or 4, so we had this all between the two of us as a dinner. I suppose you could serve half a roll per person but that would probably only be a snack or could serve with some sides.

So how was this? Brilliant! The mince is lovely and the flavour from the leek and nutmeg is nice, and the flour definitely is needed as I think it’s made such a nicer consistency than if I’d left it out. Despite initially thinking the roll would be weird I rather enjoyed it! Yes I know it’s pretty unhealthy having a fried white roll with my dinner, but it’s not something I’d have often!

My husband described this as a piece and mince, which sounds daft but that’s exactly what it is…

Would I make this again? Yes actually I would!


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