Stuffed Spinach Roulade


I had a tiny bit of sour cream to use up and that’s the reason why I decided to make this! Never mind that I had to go to the shop to get spinach and more ham, I just wanted to make sure the sour cream didn’t get wasted!


It’s always quite fascinating how much spinach loses volume as it cooks. I was a bit confused at the drain and sieve stage, was I meant to drain the spinach to make sure all the moisture was removed and then sieve it?? So that’s what I tried; I drained off all the water (or so I thought) and then when I tried to press through the sieve all that happened was more water was released. So I gave up and I threw all the spinach into the sauce mix! This did worry me slightly as I then thought the roulade wouldn’t cook properly.

After 20 minutes in the oven it looked quite good I thought..

At this point I thought things were going good. Then I turned it out on to a board lined with greaseproof paper and tried to take the top layer of paper off that had been lining the tin. Didn’t go quite so well! I think the spinach had made it stick so when I pulled it off I ended up peeling off quite a lot of the mix and spinach. After a bit of cursing I managed to save a decent layer of roulade. Then I filled it and rolled it using the long edge, I swithered over the long edge and short edge, but thought if I rolled from the short end it would be too thick.


I wasn’t sure how long it needed back in the oven so I only gave it about another 10 minutes while I made the cheese sauce.
I served that on the side with some more cheese sprinkled on top


So how did this taste? Brilliant! Yes it’s quite soft, which I’ve no idea if it’s meant to be like that but either way it’s great. Obviously it’s really strong with the spinach which is great, then the filling is a good combination. The cheese sauce does go really well but to be honest it’s equally as nice without.

Would I make this again? Yes, loved loved it, I even had seconds…

9 thoughts on “Stuffed Spinach Roulade

  1. Sounds delicious, I think I’ll give it a try. I made a spinach roulade in France last year, fresh spinach was hard to come by at our local shops so I bought frozen, ready chopped & done for me, it worked a treat.

    • To be honest I think frozen would work great as like you say it’s all chopped. I didn’t chop up the spinach so think if I had the roulade might have stayed together a bit better!

  2. This sounds great and looks so pretty. I thought it was smoked salmon in the middle at first glance – I think that might work well too. Vohn x

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