Mushroom Ketchup

I decided to make this today because my daughter loves mushrooms and ketchup!


I had a load of mushrooms in the fridge but I think I overestimated how much they weigh. I ended up with only half a pound so I had to reduce all the rest of the ingredients by a sixth, which is quite tricky! I do have a great set of spoons that go as small as an eighth of a teaspoon so I think I managed to measure everything ok.

I’ve been really lucky that a good friend has given me a supply of mace. I’ve not been able to get it in the shops so when she offered me a supply I think I just about bit her hand off!!

I wish I had taken a before and after photo of the mushrooms. I couldn’t believe the reduction in them after the overnight soaking in the salt.

This was smelling great as it was cooking, but after only 30 minutes there was no liquid left so I took off the heat.

I tried as best as I could to push the mixture through the sieve. I don’t have a nylon sieve but had to assume a regular sieve would work the same. After about 10 minutes I had to give up because my arms were aching. I wasn’t sure if the whole mixture should be passed through the sieve or just all the liquid.

So at this point it looked seriously revolting! I didn’t know what I expected but it just looked like sludge! I decided to make some pitta bread crisps and served it with that.

Well I was pleasantly surprised, this is actually quite delicious! Yes it’s very strong with the vinegar but you do get so some really nice flavours from the rest of the ingredients.

Would I make this again? Yes, something different to have as a dip

5 thoughts on “Mushroom Ketchup

  1. It looks really intense! I’ve got some mace, and love mushrooms, so might just give it a whirl! Fanny is always saying to sieve things too, and I wonder if blitzing in the food processer or blender is the modern equivalent? Thanks…

  2. Funnily enough I had to buy a standard pack of mushrooms this afternoon, from the local Co-op, for a Tuscan Chicken casserole I decided to make for dinner this evening. I have some left over but I doubt if it is enough to try the recipe but I will check and if I can pro rate the quantities realistically I will give it a go. I really do admire and envy your resilience in the quest to cook everything in this book. You must have learned such a lot from the exercise! What are the most enlightening/rewarding things you have learnt from your journey so far?

    • Yeah it is a lot of mushrooms! I thought I had enough to make a third of this recipe but once I measured the mushrooms I only had half a pound! It is a great recipe though. Thanks for your comments, I think what I like about this book is a lot of the recipes are only a few ingredients and results in brilliant dishes. Yes there’s been a few unusual ones! I think it’s the tips like using an egg yolk to thicken a sauce that I’ve found the most enlightening!

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