Golden Caramels

So the plan had been to make these for my mum for Mother’s Day, they didn’t quite go to plan so fortunately I had made brownies as well..



I have made a couple other recipes from this chapter and neither of them went particularly well! The vanilla fudge was a sticky mess and then the orange fudge was more like a tablet! So I was hoping take three would be more successful!

I was surprised that there was milk in this, and was hoping this would make it nice and creamy.

The whole boiling stage took about 20 minutes, it’s always the last few degrees that takes so long. At this point it was looking nice and golden, I just had to wait to cut it.

Well what a mess I made trying to cut this up. It’s so sticky! It was sticking to the knife, the board and the paper! After about 30 minutes of fighting with the sticky mess I did have pieces that resembled a caramel


I wrapped them in pieces of greaseproof paper to try and make them look half decent!

So I had to try these before I gave them to my mum, and yes they do actually taste nice but they are so so sticky. It’s more like a toffee! Had to warn my mum not to chew them unless she wants to loose a filling!! I have no idea if it’s meant to be like this, I wonder if maybe I did over boil. I’ll need to try the actual toffee recipe to see how that turns out and compare to this.

Would I make these again? Maybe, if I needed a dental extraction I could use a piece of this!

4 thoughts on “Golden Caramels

  1. They do look tasty! I like the wrapping- is it just squares of greaseproof paper twisted up?
    I find books a bit inconsistent in what they call fudge, caramel, and toffee. To me toffee is meant to be sticky and chewy, fudge soft/creamy and caramel runny, but I think it’s different everywhere. Then when I make fudge, I end up with tablet. :D.
    If you do make it again, maybe just take it up to soft ball (110C ish?) to see what it does.

    • yes its just wee squares of greaseproof paper, trying to make them look a bit better. Thats what happened the second time I tried to make fudge- I ended up with tablet! I had hoped this would be a lovely soft caramel and was contemplating covering in chocolate. I do have another few toffee/fudge/caramel recipes to try so will think about boiling for slightly less time, thanks

  2. These are delicious and a very satisfying ‘sook’ if you have one straight from the fridge – but – Jacqui’s right about the filling issue. Dental appointment made, in no pain as yet and it was an old filling anyway. (Not kidding)

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