Cannelloni au Gratin

Quite often we end up having a slightly later dinner on a Monday so usually have a bit more time to make some thing that does require a bit more of an effort



So the recipe says to cook the cannelloni but then the packet I had bought says I don’t need to. I deliberated for a while and then had to assume old fashioned cannelloni needed cooking first but these days they don’t! I also had visions of soggy cannelloni tubes getting stuck together all over the kitchen so I opted to not cook first.

I think I used one slice of bread and think about 50 ml of milk. Once the filling was made up it did not look anywhere near enough to fill all the cannelloni. 10 oz was about 20 tubes, so I just had to fill slightly sparingly.

Then half a pint of sauce did not look enough to cover the top, I tried to spread out as best as I could and just hoped that once the breadcrumbs and cheese were on it would work out ok.

I didn’t weight out the breadcrumbs or cheese, I probably used about a handful of each.

Once it was cooked it did look great, and the smell was pretty good too.

Well as expected this is a bit dry in places. It’s the bits of the cannelloni that haven’t had enough filling or sauce that have a bit of a crunch! I was now kind of wishing I had boiled the tubes for a minute or so at first! I guess the other way to ensure they are soft all through is to add more filling and make more sauce. I actually think you could double both the filling and sauce. It is nice to have wee bit of a crunch in places but this just had a bit too many crunchy bits!

Tastewise it was lovely though, the filling is nice and then the sauce breadcrumbs and cheese on top is great.

Would I make this again? Yes, but would double up filling and sauce

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